Virtual Events / Livestreams

Jazz Stylings of Dr. Michael White

Get down to  soothing New Orleans soul in this live performance by Dr. Michael White on the clarinet!

Client: Creole Tomato Festival

Creole Hot Pot with Chef Maya Mastersson

Get cooking with Chef Maya Mastersson as she chefs up her Creole Tomato Hot Pot, perfect for any season!

Client: Creole Tomato Festival

Rural Roots of Music Series Introduction

The Rural Roots of Music series checks in on some of the great musicians living along the Mississippi River in South Louisiana.

Client: Rural Roots of Music

SugarFest 2020: Amy and Tracy Baudoin

Meet Amy and Tracy Baudoin, a husband and wife team who carry on the tradition of cane syrup making in South Louisiana.

Client: Virtual SugarFest 2020

SugarFest 2020: Smokehouse Porter

Move and sway to the soulful sounds of a unique blend of Blues music that Baton Rouge musicians Smokehouse Porter and his wife, Mamie, have dubbed Gutbucket Blues.

Client: Virtual SugarFest 2020

SugarFest 2020: Terry Landry

Terry Landry shares his knowledge of wood working.

Client: West Baton Rouge Museum