EmployBR – Digital Literacy

Take a look at how EmployBR is making sure teenagers and young adults feel confident and ready for any job opportunities that come their way!

Client: EmployBR

Big Buddy Sizzle Reel

The Big Buddy program offers activities, mentorship, and community to kids in the Baton Rouge area. Check out these cute clips of our little buddies, hard at work and harder at play!

Client: Big Buddy

Portrait of an Artist

Geraldine Robertson wove the way for women basket weavers in West Baton Rouge Parish. Meet more inspiring artists like Geraldine down at the West Baton Rouge Parish museum!

Client: West Baton Rouge Museum

The Jump Start Your Heart Act

This video documents the incredible events leading up to the passage of the lifesaving ‘Jump Start Your Heart Act’ through the Louisiana legislature.

Client: Jump Start Your Heart

Youth City Lab

The Youth City Lab will be a youth center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It unites the work of four local nonprofit organizations: Big Buddy, Line 4 Line, Front Yard Bikes and Humanities Amped.

Client: Youth City Lab Coalition

Disaster Relief After Hurricane Michael

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the community came together in Chattahoochee, Florida, to show that a little kindness can really go a long way.

Client: Community Coffee