Graphic Novels


Volume Title: The Prophecy of the Conqueror

Description: The year is 3022 and the human race has moved out among the stars. Space travel is common and aliens are plentiful. Millions of sentient races now interact, trade and explore the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond. This “new” frontier is filled with lost civilizations and ancient mysteries awaiting discovery. There is an abundance of treasure for those who are daring, and enough danger to deter those who lack the courage to seek it. This is the era of the adventure-hunter, the mercenary and the pirate.

This funny, futuristic, sci-fi story follows She’Ev, a 16-year-old genius and her idol, the legendary pirate Meccantee as they are thrown together on a solar-system-hopping adventure to recover an ancient ax before it can be used to conquer the galaxy.

Writer: Kevin McQuarn
Penciler: Miguel Puerta
Age Rating: 9+
Release Date: June 15, 2019
Price: $12.99