DOCUMENTARY: The Dawson Legacy
“The Dawson Legacy” explores the legacy of John S. Dawson, an African-American educator who began teaching in West Feliciana Parish in the early 1890s. Dawson created an educational environment that not only taught, but also uplifted a generation of African-American students and their decedents.
COMMERCIAL: FantomLight Productions

Clients: This is a FantomLight production

FantomLight Productions specializes in Promotional Videos, Documentary Films, Shorts Films, Event Coverage and Educational Videos.
EDUCATIONAL: BRCC 2019 Spring Commencement Recap

Client: Baton Rouge Community College

BRCC conferred more than 400 degrees during the Spring 2019 commencement. Here is a recap of that exciting day.
BUILDING COMMUNITY: Disaster Relief After Hurricane Michael

Client: Community Coffee

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the community came together in Chattahoochee, Florida, to show a little kindness goes a long way.
COMMERCIAL: The GeauxTeach Math & Science Program at LSU

Client: The LSU GeauxTeach Program

GeauxTeach Math & Science is a pathway to a Bachelor's Degree from the LSU College of Science and a certification to teach math or science.
EDUCATIONAL: The Program for Successful Employment

Client: Baton Rouge Community College

The Program for Successful Employment (PSE) prepares adults on the Autism Disorder Spectrum for sustainable careers.
MUSIC VIDEO: With You Again by Kevin Stanford

Client: This is a FantomLight production

Kevin Stanford lost his father to prostate cancer. To help him cope with this loss and to pay respect to his dad, he wrote “With You Again.”
EDUCATION: Student Profile

Client: Baton Rouge Community College

Meet BRCC student Christian Jones. Christian is majoring in Pharmacy Tech at BRCC.
SHORT FILM: Me, Mom, Dad

Client: This is a FantomLight production

This film received 5 nominations at the 48 Hour Film Festival Award Ceremony in New Orleans.
EDUCATION: 120 Days of Listening and Learning

Client: Baton Rouge Community College

BRCC Chancellor Dr. Larissa Littleton Steib talks about her first 120 days at the college.
SHORT FILM: Ex-Slave Narrative of Catherine Cornelius

Client: West Baton Rouge Museum

Produced for the West Baton Rouge Museum "Purchased Lives: the American Slave Trade from 1808 to 1865" traveling exhibit.
EDUCATION: West Feliciana 2016-2017

Client: West Feliciana Parish Schools

The combination of high caliber education and a rich quality of life makes West Feliciana a special place to live.

Client: This is a FantomLight production

Unique movie reviews, entertainment news, celebrity interviews and some of the best drink recipes in Baton Rouge.

Client: The Divine Protectors of Endangered Pleasures

A peek behind the scenes at the 2016 DIVA Day parade.
PROMOTIONAL: Port Allen Centennial

Client: The West Baton Rouge Museum

This video celebrates the city of Port Allen's Centennial.
EDUCATION: Voices from the Bayou

Client: Baton Rouge Community College

This video promotes a student motivated anthology published through the Baton Rouge Community College Foundation.
DOCUMENTARY: The Master Teacher

Client: The LSU Cain Center

"The Master Teacher" is a documentary that focuses on education in Louisiana as it's seen through the eyes of teachers.
DOCUMENTARY: Cohn High School

Client: The West Baton Rouge Museum

A look back at Cohn High School, the first school to offer African Americans a high school education in Port Allen, Louisiana.
EDUCATIONAL: A Successful Tomorrow

Client: The LSU Cain Center

Danielle Ricks, a 7th grade math teacher, tells how the Louisiana Math and Science Institute at LSU has changed her life.

Client: The LSU Cain Center

This video focuses on Woodlawn Middle School teachers who are graduates of the Louisiana Math and Science Tecacher Institute.
COMMERCIAL: The 2015 Blues Tribute

Client: The Louisiana Southern Soul and Blues Society

This 2015 Blues Tribute was held on May 16, 2015 at the Community Center in Port Allen to honor local blues greats.
NONPROFIT: Forward Arts Fundraiser

Client: Forward Arts

Forward Arts is an arts-based nonprofit organization that provides workshops and residencies to Louisiana-based youth.
ENTERTAINMENT: Kenny Neal's Tribute to Legendary Bluesman B.B. King

Clients: Kenny Neal/Booga Music

This is American Bluesman Kenny Neal's video tribute to the legendary bluesman B.B. King.

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